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Posted on 1st November 2019

Goblet Squat

How to perform the Goblet Squat:

Starting Position:

Stand straight with legs apart at shoulder width.

Place dumbbell standing upwards on one side of its bases.

Weight should be something you are comfortable with.

Downward Phase:

Lower yourself until the knees reach a 90 degree angle.

Keep good upright trunk and head posture and tight abdominals.

Picking up the weight consists of getting it up and then placing your hands in a way that looks like a you’re holding a goblet.

Upward Phase:

Carefully press off the ground without bouncing up from the previous movement.

Move upwards slowly with controlled movement.

Maintain head and trunk upright posture

Keep a tightened abdominal contraction

Make sure you feel comfortable with the depth of your squat and weight as to not lose balance.

Be sure not to lean forward! This can lead to injury and upright posture is the key!

Don’t place the weight back down until all desired reps have been completed.

Goblet Squat Tips:

Try starting out with only body weight before moving onto additional weight.

Try not to lunge forward when pushing upwards as it could lead to injury!

Always keep an upright posture and don’t lean forward!