Monthly Fitness Challenge

Fitness Challenge

The Plank

Posted on 1st November 2019

Strengthen your core, arms, legs, glutes, prevent back pain and improve posture…

This month’s challenge is the 5 minutes plank – Start with 1 minute then gradually increase time of hold.

Reminder: your back needs to be treated with care, so avoid going overboard especially if you’re a beginner with weights/resistance and if you have previous back injuries.

Rules: time starts when the plate is placed on the back, participants always need to remain in correct form.

Facts: it’s a simple exercise that doesn’t need much space and it’s a progression exercise of body weight plank hold. This exercise strengthens all your core muscles such as your abdominals, glutes and latisumus dorsi (back muscles) and improves your posture and stabilisation, facilitating healthy body functions and digestion and prevents back pain.

Precautions: if you feel any pain, particularly in your neck or lower back, this could indicate that you aren’t strong enough to be exerting as much effort. This could lead to compressed vertebrae or too much pressure on your spine.