Healthy Eating


Eating to complement weight loss training 

Posted on 1st November 2019

If you’re concentrating on weight loss training, you may need to consider what else you could be doing to help accelerate your weight loss in order to reach your goal. One area to look at is diet and eating habits.

While people might consider eating less and skipping meals to help lose weight, but it is likely to have an opposite and detrimental effect. By skipping meals your body isn’t sure when it’s getting its next meal and so can store the food as fat in order to keep you going.  Here are a couple of suggestions to approaching each meal of the day with the right mindset.


Breakfast is a key meal: it gets you started for the day and also keeps you in good eating habits for the day ahead. Eating breakfast kickstarts your metabolism, making it more possible for you to burn unwanted calories. It will also stop you craving a calorific sweet snack to pick you up mid-morning.

One great breakfast weight-loss suggestion is poached eggs with smashed avocado on toast. Eggs are a great breakfast meal; thanks to their high protein content they will help keep you fuller for longer. Combine them with avocado as a great alternative to butter on your toast. If you don’t have time in the morning to cook some poached eggs, avocado on toast is a great healthy breakfast.

A common misconception is that a ‘nutritious’ cereal bar counts as a healthy breakfast, but they are often packed with calories and extremely high in sugar, so shop carefully…


At lunchtime it can be very easy to eat unhealthily, especially if you are busy at work and tend to quickly grab something on your way into work or pop out at lunchtime. Careful planning is your friend here, because you can bring yourself delicious and healthy meals to work (as well as making your colleagues). And it doesn’t have to be a simple, boring salad just because you are ‘on a diet’.

Try a grilled chicken and hummus wrap. Hummus is a great alternative to a fatty spread, layer it with tomatoes and cucumbers and top with some chicken to make a great lunchtime feast without the calories.

A pasta salad is an excellent lunchtime meal. It is relatively quick and easy to make the night before, and cheap too. A tuna pasta salad is a great option to for lunch if you are doing weight loss training, packed with protein to repair your muscles and relatively low in fat. You can’t go wrong!


Dinner is also easy to lose track off. After a long and busy day, the last thing we often want to do is to be spending time creating complicated dishes that take hours to make or – at the other end of the spectrum – simply ordering in a takeaway on Friday night.

A simple salmon dish is a great meal or try non-battered/breaded cod. White fish comes packed with rich nutrients such as Omega 3 that will give your brain extra function. Serve it with some sweet potato mash and veg, and you’ve got yourself a quick, healthy, low-calorie meal in around 20 minutes.

Or maybe chicken curry is more your thing. You can cook a batch and divide portions up for freezing, which can then be heated up for a super quick dinner or even take them to work for an amazing lunch. Packed with protein and laden with great vegetables, it’s unbeatable.


Anyone would be lying when they say they’re not tempted with a nice chocolatey dessert after a meal. However, there are many healthy alternatives that will suppress your sweet craving. A simple fruit salad, packed with strawberries and raspberries will give it that sweet kick, and a yoghurt fruit parfait will also do the trick.

When trying to lose weight, it is important to choose carefully what you are eating. But try not to starve yourself of the things you love. On some days, add a little something unhealthier, but combine it with lots of healthy stuff and it will stop you from craving your comfort foods, and ultimately stop you from binging on unhealthy foods or stopping your diet because it’s just no fun!